Yeah, so I finally built myself a proper personal website

@Ludonaut Sure!
On the tech side, I've spent some time making sure things load and display properly across connections and browsers
Visually, I'm prioritising readability, with a slight accessibility compromise for less disruptive links (no underline)
As for the content, I'm not sure yet how much I should break off into separate pages (like and how much feels right to keep on the main page.


semantics: i like the arrow links at those subheadings, but why didn't you make the entire headings into links? hard to find, and clashes with convention, kinda. (all other links are text, why not those as well?)


re: readability / visuals:

try adding line-height to those paragraphs, it does wonders for readability! anything between 1.5 and 2 should do, depending on your preferences.

the headlines could use some tweaking on their margins. i think more whitespace couldn't hurt. it's all a little cramped vertically (on that note why is there a negative margin value on subheadings?)

personally i'm not a fan of text-align: justify. but if that's a design choice you like you should stick to it!

Justify: I like the way it keeps things aligned with the images, but you're not the first to tell me this bothers them, so I'm going to see how I feel about it turned off

Line height: The paragraphs themselves feel nicer with more space, but I feel like the page feels "loose", rather than "aerated"

@Ludonaut The default whitespace on the headers makes them float away from the paragraph they're attached to. I might have overdone the negative margin, but i feel like they need to be pulled in a little, at least

@Ludonaut I've added in the 1.5 line-height, tweaked the margins a little, and have switch to default text-align: left

I'm still thinking about what to do with the header links. I'm not comfortable making the whole header into a link. I might remove the arrow links, but I like how they look so they're staying for now

@gaeel it's all a matter of personal preference, really. do what you feel is best imo

if you're interested in typography i can recommend

they have a very sane no-bullshit approach, and i love their "in ten minutes" / "summary of key rules" sections

(on the other hand, following all that stuff to the letter leads to clean but extremely boring results)

@Ludonaut If you want to see how it looks with these changes, you might want to do a force refresh, since I'm using caching (check the footer says "Last built: 3 March 2019 - 16:00:28")

@Ludonaut I tweaked a few more things, thanks for the feedback ;)

Here's a slightly tech nerdy post about how I build my website:

Dive in for a not very in-depth look at how modern web tools can be used to make small (as in bytes) site with widespread compatibility

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