Cities: Skylines has become an obsession of mine recently
Here are maps of my city, Shawbury, generated with this mod:

Having fun picking names for districts and metro stations, trying to reflect the history of the city as it grows


Notably, St Barlow ended up split between a older, suburban area and a hipper, denser downtown, so I split the district into "Old St Barlow" and "Barlo"
"Arsenal" is named like that because the map has old pillboxes and trenches, which I preserved in a little park where people can go to learn about the war and reflect on the role the city and its well-defended estuary played

Installed a first person mod and hitching rides in random sims' cars, watching the city unfold while music plays on the radio

@gaeel Cities: Skylines is such a great chill out game. No end goal except making a nice looking town and doing your own thing.

@drisc Yeah, I really like how the challenges are unintentionally self-imposed. You make some decision, and then you follow through with the knock-on effects
Yet for a game where small changes in one area can have huge, unpredictable impact across the whole city, it still feels like the player is in control and things are never too complicated, I like it

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