Here's an in-progress, displaying the path of one of the rays
In this simulation, colour is determined based on the position on the circle
The ray splits into 6 on its first bounce, and has a chance of bouncing, refracting or diffusing on each line

Another render from last night

This is made by casting millions of rays and drawing their paths

Fine... One more, but I have to go to bed now...

Here, have a random 2D light field render

Eschatolor by Tevelision

With the radio tuned somewhere between two stations, we began to hear a sound that was at once familiar yet completely alien. Who is broadcasting? Why are they broadcasting? And why are we so compelled to keep listening?

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So er... This is fun, but... I have no idea how one would build up to this level of abstraction

When it powers on, it gives me a line like I want, and then it starts strobing
I assume it's do do with the refresh rate, but it's annoying

I have lost control of the situation
Here is the dependency graph of my current project
I've written code to analyse my code and draw this
I'm in too deep

Interesting EVE Online artifact
The purple spiral are combat sentries dropped by a fleet of fast-moving "Ishtar" cruisers that were spiralling around a slower moving group of "Machariel" battleships

Oh my deary me, my tiny heart is melting
Look underneath the main skiff, and you'll see another mini-skiff in a jewel box and if that isn't the most adorable modular synth you've ever seen I don't know what is

This is lines user Cementimental's kit, posted at:

More noodling with the Olegtron 4060 and the AE Modular
Using the 4060 as the brains of the whole affair, with its many outputs driving triggers, oscillators, filters and envelopes

Video here:

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We grow plants, shining light where none was