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A little something I made for Berlin Minijam today

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Next step is to replace those boxes with a dynamic mesh generator/kitbasher system for some sweet procgen mechs

For those of you who like to code in well-lit rooms full of plants, with hot chocolate, a sleepy cat and a warm jumper, the soft-era colour scheme might be for you


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About to try out this demo/exercise on my students
I built cute-sorts.glitch.me/ so my students can try out sorting algorithms!

(Animated GIF)

First jab at a windowing system un Unity for some contract work

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Here's an in-progress, displaying the path of one of the rays
In this simulation, colour is determined based on the position on the circle
The ray splits into 6 on its first bounce, and has a chance of bouncing, refracting or diffusing on each line

Another render from last night

This is made by casting millions of rays and drawing their paths

Fine... One more, but I have to go to bed now...

Here, have a random 2D light field render

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We grow plants, shining light where none was