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Adding string similarity detection to suggest new groups to add to the filter rules
For instance here, I can easily see what regex I need to write to detect searches and documentation

@rutherford My students have been enjoying these
My terminal MOTD was and Chronologicon side by side, which fits fine normally, but when I connect to the overhead projectors, it resizes the window
"Relax kids, programming is easy!"
*Screen turns on, Mr. Robot soundtrack starts playing and digital rain scatters across four open terminals*

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Okay, I think I went the right way with my custom tracker this time
While I'm nowhere near having the report displays and analytics I'd like, I'm already tracking data
If I get bored tomorrow and pick this up again next week, I won't have lost a week's worth of tracking, in fact, I'll have a week's worth of data to write cool visualisation tools with

The main difference is you'd need to take time into account

Yeah, they really screwed over a whole bunch of people just to abide by weird puritanical ideals

@wakest At this point it's best to just consider Tumblr dead and move elsewhere

@fasterthanlime My feeling about this is what's good for the consumer will, at least long-term, be good for the developers

Bigger images are easier to browse and read, that's good
Removal of prices makes it harder to make an educated decision to click through, so not so good

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ugh the neighbors have been just BLASTING 4′33″ out their stereos all morning

So I'm going to be posting more of my stranger, experimental art over at @gaeel, keeping this account for everything else
I'll occasionally cross-boost stuff too

@dualhammers Ahahah, it's only just recogniseable as a face

Here's an in-progress, displaying the path of one of the rays
In this simulation, colour is determined based on the position on the circle
The ray splits into 6 on its first bounce, and has a chance of bouncing, refracting or diffusing on each line

@neauoire @somnius
I have. The hardest rule for me to follow right now is the b&w avatar one, but I'm working on one ;)

Another render from last night

This is made by casting millions of rays and drawing their paths

Fine... One more, but I have to go to bed now...

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